Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India. Madhya Pradesh located in the center if India. It is fully loaded with lots of amazing cities, incredible architects, ancient monuments, beautiful tourist places, several beauty and monuments.

Madhya Pradesh is full with miraculous attractions: Khajuraho-A temple town full with amazing erotic carvings, stunning carvings and the western group of temples. Sanchi and Mandu have some of India’s finest Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic monuments. Historical sites include the pristine Bhimbetka rock paintings and Gwalior –it is splendid city with the palaces and lavish Jai Vilas Palace. Orchha, a wonderful riverside palace with high quality marvelous architect. Bhandhavgarh National Park is the one of the famous national park of India. It is full with tigers and rare wild species.

Madhya Pradesh is also known for the major home of tribes. Bastar in Chhattisgarh is the tribal region. It is full with dense forests, aboriginal culture and pristine customs.