Agra-Rabble of astonishing ancient Mughal architecture, historical epitomes, north Indian culture and glimpse of history .Amazing history and dazzle glory of pearl white Taj Mahal add mesmerize charm in Agra.

Agra is magnet for international and domestic visitors. India is famous in all over world due to the Taj Mahal only. Agra is the city which imperialize incredible heritages of history,it is just not a home of astonishing mausoleum –Taj Mahal.Agra is bundle of glories heritage buildings like Fatehpur sikri and Agra Fort.

Agra is the first choice among the tourist from the several decades in all over the world. Heritage and culture of the Agra glued the tourist with this wonderful city. Really this city showered by the ravishing charms and heritages. White glitter and mesmerize beauty of love – Taj Mahal is the major attraction of Agra. Red Fort is the symbol of the majesty of the Mughal kings and great Mughal architecture. Akbar’s Mausoleum is the wonderful show case of the dignity of Mughals. The Baby Taj is the twinkling masterpiece of White marble. The magical view of Fatehpur Sikri bewitches people to visit again and again. Agra is the land of incredible masterpieces, tombs, forts and bustling markets. Glamour of Agra never fades among the visitors. This city is a perfect bundle of art, history and culture.